Multivision combines substance, spectacle and messaging with pure entertainment, to create experiences that wow and inspire audiences at your meetings.

Wielding an unequaled portfolio of strategic, creative, and technical production capabilities, we create meetings and events ranging from intimate gatherings to stadium spectaculars.  Our expertise is implemented in events, conferences, business meetings, press events, webcasts, new product launches, and public displays. Our experienced meeting production team has been producing creative and effective business-to-business communications for clients of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized regional businesses.  The thousands of completed projects that we have under our belts create a sizable track record of customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a meeting or event for your employees, sales force, distributors or customers, each production becomes a challenge for us to win over hearts and minds.  We have learned how to strike a chord with each meeting or event we produce and stage, making sure there are smiling faces in the audience and lots of applause. We have created a variety of meetings and events, ranging from the smallest of venues and meeting spaces, to giant arenas and stadiums.  From a four-day sales meeting to a town hall or webcast, we have helped many clients pump up morale and showcase new products that fire up their sales force.

Our work includes meetings and events for liquor suppliers and distributors, as well as auto and aircraft manufacturers.  From electronic games to TV network up-front presentations, no matter what kind of meeting, we’ve done them all over the world. From France to Italy, from Mexico to Scotland, and all over the United States, we’ve created memorable and impactful meetings for clients and their audiences.

No technical challenge is too great, no distance is too far. We’ve trucked, air-freighted and moved sound, lights, audio-visual equipment, and people… all around the country and all around the world.