Trade shows are your best shot of telling the market that your product or service is “the best”, and we have the ability to help transmit that message to any size or type of display you choose.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We create the show that becomes the “pulse” of the booth at a variety of trade shows.  It can be a large seamless wall made of projection screens, a theater created to tell a dynamic story, or a fully interactive game experience that will excite and involve your audience.

Whether it’s in Orlando or Las Vegas, we can supply all the technical and audio visual assistance and support to make sure it all comes off without a hitch.

Our experience with multi-screen and interactive systems is unmatched in the country, and we can design a presentation that creates “the buzz” every trade show exhibitor wants and needs.

Our work with trade shows has helped some of the worlds top marketers and brands reach their buyer at a time and place when they are primed to hear their sales message.

Technologies of all sorts come into play and we have worked with everything from video walls to interactive games and displays.

From “Texture mapping” to 3D exhibits, each trade show display we design is meant to demonstrate the unique nature of our clients products or services.

We help clients design trade show experiences to capture people from the aisle and leave them with a lasting  message when they are no longer on the buying floor.

Often, success on  the trade show floor  is key to a company’s ability to kick off a new product or idea.  We make sure that happens.

We  are all about  the concept, the design, the execution and our client meeting their trade show objectives.