Global Ports Holdings Wins Nassau Port bid with Multivision’s Help

When the government of the Bahamas decided to re-build the Cruise Port in Nassau they received multiple bids to help them accomplish that huge task.

One such bidder, Global Ports Holding in Istanbul Turkey asked Multivision to help them tell their story by producing their bid presentation video.

GPH is the worlds leading developer and Port management firm and has  an impressive track record of Public Private Partnerships with governments  From Europe to Asia and now the Caribbean.

Multivision worked along side  our good friends at the design firm Bermello/Ajamil to create a compelling story that showcased some very creative and progressive designs for the Port. It is a transformational project for the country that will make the new Port a place cruisers will want to go.

Says Multivision president Bob Berkowitz “It’s all about seeing the future with an  incredible new concept for Nassau and the Bahamas. We helped bring an amazing design to life and helped them usher in a new era of tourism there. It’s very exciting”.

Multivision gets involved in many government and Infrastructure presentations as part of our core business. From Airports to roadways, public transit and Waste Water treatment we have been all over the world helping clients tell their story and get selected..