Was Columbus the first to sail to the New World?


We love projects like this! A call from our friend Tom Abraham of the Anthony J. Abraham Foundation set us  on an interesting quest.  He invited us to join him as  he assisted  The Phoenicia Expedition.  Their  mission  is to prove that the Phoenicians  crossed the oceans centuries before 1492.  How could we resist?

According to sponsor Pioneer Expeditions, “The Phoenician Ship Expedition is an investigation into one of the world’s  greatest maritime  mysteries, the date of the first circumnavigation of Africa.    It is an ambitious project, to build a replica  ship then test her in some of the  world’s most treacherous seas.  The journey has taken over two years and covered more than twenty thousand  miles.  What they discovered is astounding.  A Phoenician ship had the capacity to circumnavigate Africa two thousand years before the first European, Bartolomeu Dias, rounded the Cape of Good Hope.”

They did it by building an exact replica of a Phoenician sailing vessel built based  on archeological evidence gained from a shipwreck found in the Mediterranean decades ago.

Under  the watchful eye of Captain Philip Beale an ex Royal Naval officer the vessel was assembled from the native wood and materials found in the area of modern day Lebanon and Syria.  The ancient Phoenicians would have found the same materials.

Since the beginning of the expedition the vessel and intrepid crew of adventurers  travelled from Syria through the Middle East, Africa and to the UK.  They have weathered storms, winds and primitive living conditions on board and persevered.

The Expedition sailed 6000 miles across the Atlantic before arriving in Miami.   The Captain is convinced that if he and crew could do it in this vessel, the Phoenicians of 600 BC, known for being innovators, entrepreneurs and explorers,  could have done it as well.

Our job was to capture the arrival in Miami (greeted by Miami Dade fire boats saluting this fantastic accomplishment with a water salute) and its arrival at its host dock at Miami’s own fantastic Shake-a-Leg community in Coconut Grove.

They were greeted by Miami dignitaries, Shake-a-Leg president Harry Horgan and Tom and Norma Abraham from the Foundation.

The Multivision crew got to be on the Phoenicia and on a chase boat.   We also captured  Drone videography.   All of this will support a documentary being made about pre-Columbian travel to the Americas.

This was an exciting project for us. It’s not everyday that we at Multivision gets to help capture history in the making.



My Memories of Kirk Douglas

Bob Berkowitz wrote the following blog upon learning of the passing of Icon Kirk Douglas.  I wanted to share it with you.
“With the passing of this Hollywood Icon,  I remember the day I spent with him  and his lovely wife Anne back in the 1980’s.
I was working to help my mentor Jay Weiss who was being honored by  the Weitzman Institute of Science in Israel.
Founded in 1934 and located in Rehovot, Israel, south of Tel Aviv, The Weitzman Institute is a world leading research institution in natural and exact sciences.
It has a long history of investigation and discovery.   Their basic mission is advancing science.
It educates a large portion of Israel’s scientific leadership and helps  advance science literacy in school.
Kirk and Jay were close friends and spent a lot of time socially together with their wives Renee and Anne.
Both Jay Weiss and Kirk Douglas greatly  supported the extraordinary work of this remarkable research institute.
I was honored to make a film tribute and shoot a segment with Kirk and Anne in their beautiful home in LA.  I worked with Anne to set up the shoot and  to put together an LA crew.
It was a pleasure to meet and work with him.  Kirk  was a gentleman and a consummate professional.”

Multivision contributes to the “State of the County Address”

Each year the Miami Dade county Mayor gives his report to the community in  a detailed “State of the County” address. It is  an important moment for the “strong” Mayor of one of the nations largest counties each year.

This year Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez chose the fabulous Frost Science museum as the site of his address. As this was to be the Mayors  last State of the County address  (his tenure  has timed out) he wanted to do it up big- and that he did.

He and the county communications team decided to create a “TED Talk”- like presentation backed up with video, images graphics and timed visual support.

January 14th he delivered his presentation to a packed house of governmental officials, county employees, community leaders and interested citizens. It was also live-streamed over the county television channel.

At Multivision we were asked to help Port Miami do its section of this presentation and over a 2 week period helped put together the Port’s part of the address.

Along with our good friends at Bermello Ajamil we created a 3 minute look at the Port now- and in the future.

Several drone sessions over 2 weeks  showcased a full Port with all  8 terminals filled to capacity on cruise days. We also focused on new innovations that are part of the Cargo capabilities of the Port. This includes the arrival of the largest Cargo container vessel ever to call on a Florida Port- the French ship CGM Magellan.

A Bermello Ajamil created 3D fly through showcased new terminals for Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, MSC and Virgin cruise lines as well as future developments at the Port.

“ The Port was one of our first clients back in the 1980’s and we have been helping it in our own way getting the bridge and tunnels built over the years. We love the excitement of the Port and what it generates for the economy of Miami Dade. Seems like its only getting better”, says Bob Berkowitz Multivision President.

Greater Miami Chamber honors our Boss….Bob Berkowitz


Multivision Videos …now playing on HSN and QVC

When asked to create compelling stories to help  television networks Home Shopping Network and QVC sell their merchandise,  Tampa based TBD Safety Corporation called on Multivision  to help in the task.


The goal here was to support the “on-air” talent with stories that showcase the products being offered by the broadcast sales networks nationwide.   Several new innovative products  were designed for safety and ease of access were showcased in a series of Multivision created videos shot over 4 days.

These short video segments were for everything from 911 access devices and new cell phones to automotive safety devices and were created to augment sales both on  air and on line.

Multivision Helps Aquinas Institute

Aquinas Institute of St. Louis, Missouri called on Multivision  to help tell the story of the Catholic graduate school.

The Dominican institute offers graduate level courses in theology  and Philosophy.   They also offer Masters and Ph.d programs in Divinity, Healthcare  Ministry and many other advanced  courses of study.




Multivision was asked to create multiple programs for fundraising  and recruitment.   The Multivision crew spent several days in St. Louis interviewing key administration faculty members, students and alumni to tell the story.



Multivision used drone shots of the campus, as well as shots of adjacent St. Louis University  to create a motivational and enticing picture of the Institute, its campus life and mission.

The finished production was  premiered at an award ceremony and Gala on November 7th.


Multivision helps introduce Anatomie to the world


Anatomie founders Kate and Shawn Boyer had to tell their story to thousands of travel consultants.   They asked Multivision to help.

Multivision created several videos introducing Anatomie to potential new clients.  Kate and Shawn told the story of the their company from it’s humble  beginning in the trunk of their car .   They described their slow but steady inroads in the travel fashion industry.  Today they are recognized as world class travel fashion manufacturers and our video showcased that success.

Anatomie is all about travel and their amazing clothes  are perfect for the lady on the go.  Multivision showcased the  ease of packing the quality light weight clothing.   Multivision’s goal  to focus on a  central message-traveling is easier with Anatomie.

Studio sessions and location videography were used to create  a key branding statement for Anatomie.   Multivision was honored to add fashion to our extensive branding and promotional resume.



Global Ports Holdings Wins Nassau Port bid with Multivision’s Help

When the government of the Bahamas decided to re-build the Cruise Port in Nassau they received multiple bids to help them accomplish that huge task.

One such bidder, Global Ports Holding in Istanbul Turkey asked Multivision to help them tell their story by producing their bid presentation video.

GPH is the worlds leading developer and Port management firm and has  an impressive track record of Public Private Partnerships with governments  From Europe to Asia and now the Caribbean.

Multivision worked along side  our good friends at the design firm Bermello/Ajamil to create a compelling story that showcased some very creative and progressive designs for the Port. It is a transformational project for the country that will make the new Port a place cruisers will want to go.

Says Multivision president Bob Berkowitz “It’s all about seeing the future with an  incredible new concept for Nassau and the Bahamas. We helped bring an amazing design to life and helped them usher in a new era of tourism there. It’s very exciting”.

Multivision gets involved in many government and Infrastructure presentations as part of our core business. From Airports to roadways, public transit and Waste Water treatment we have been all over the world helping clients tell their story and get selected..

Multivision Helps the GMCC honor Civic Leader Tony Argiz

For over 3 decades the “Sand In My Shoes” award has been Miami’s highest civic honor given to a community leader by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Miami’s Multivision Video and film has produced the centerpiece video for this gala event ever since the beginning.

This year was no exception; and on Feb 13th over 850 civic and community leaders honored a man who exemplifies what the award is all about. “Tony Argiz is what Damon Runyon was talking about when he coined the phrase that has become the awards namesake”, says Multivision’s Bob Berkowitz. “ We are so pleased to have helped honor Tony and to continue the Sand in My Shoes tradition.”


Once again, the evening began with a video narrated by the late WTVJ Newscaster Ralph Rennick who came into the Multivision studios in 1981 and recorded the Runyon letter that started it all.

With Mistress of Ceremony Ana Navarro fabulous Piano virtuoso Chucho Valdes and a heartfelt speech by the honoree-it was a memorable event for all who attended.

“Its great being part of history- and Tony is one of the best people the Chamber could have ever picked for this award and we so much enjoyed capturing his spirit, generosity and Love of Miami for all to see”.


Cleaning up Blue Green Algae Blooms –thanks to AECOM      

AECOM has been busy innovating and starting
to solve one of Florida’s biggest problems-the blue green algae that has
been showing up on many state waterways. And once again they called on us
to help tell this story.


The project has been a pre-cursor to what AECOM hopes to lead
to a bigger governmental response and the building of large treatment
plants that will help remove the nutrients in the water flowing
from Lake Okeechobee.   This would help solve the Algae problem that is caused by these releases.

This has caught the interest of the Army Corp of engineers, the State of Florida and many of the affected counties.

“Our job was to create a demonstration documentary to show
that something can be done to help eliminate this horrible
blue green algae”, says Multivision’s Bob Berkowitz. The technology
is there and AECOM is showing that it can be done.”

“Our camera crews used drones to help showcase the problem and interviewed AECOM scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to tell the story and create a compelling case as to  why this action must be taken soon”.

We are always “ready to go” when it comes to helping our clients, and the public good at the same time.

Click HERE to watch the video.