Infrastructure Projects

Fresh water, wastewater, bridges, seaports, airports: as America’s infrastructure assets age and fall in disrepair, Multivision has been getting ongoing work helping companies that are seeking the job of restoring and rebuilding those critical and basic physical and organizational structures and facilities.

Over the last several years our business of collaborating with teams of large Infrastructure Projects consultants, who present and try to win very large government bids, has been on the rise.

IMG_5157-1-300x225Firms like AECOM, Parsons, Carollo Engineers, Jacobs, and LAN Engineering, have joined a long list of clients that come to Multivision to work with them. We help them craft their message and create compelling visual presentations that are used when bidding for these mammoth jobs.  This is more than just offering our  video production services– its all about strategic messaging. Its something that uses all the production, editing services and expertise we have gained over the years.

We liken these challenges to creating and producing a riveting, information-packed 20 or 30-minute television show.

IMG_4704We have helped those organizations strategize their presentation, produce possible video segments and design graphics. We continue the preparation process with real-time rehearsals, presentation techniques training, and support their audio-visual needs (hardware and software) for the day of the event.

It has been a highly successful endeavor, as the win rate for our clients is quite impressive.

We have raised the bar for many of these presentations for various industries, and now many companies are searching us out for these  video production services  and more in an effort to improve their chances of winning an infrastructure contract.

IMG_5155-300x225From airport terminals to runways, water supply to wastewater disposal, we have global experience producing support audio visual pieces: in San Fransisco CA, New York state, New Jersey, Ohio, Pittsburgh PA, Jackson, Mississippi  and even Egypt and China, supporting our clients’ needs.