Multivision Creates Unique Whiteboard Video Presentations

Based on our clients needs for Whiteboard Video Presentations aka “explainer videos,” we have developed a tremendous capability of creating these punchy animated stories.

Using solid scripting, animation, sound track production in our studio, and post-production capabilities, we have been turning out branding, educational and informative pieces that are becoming more and more popular.Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-3.42.41-PM-300x169

“It really is all about the idea,” says Curtis Childs, Multivision’s editor charged with assembling all the elements for these videos. “We look for a hook that will make these presentations fun and Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-3.25.10-PM-300x169informative at the same time.”

These videos are usually under four minutes in length, and can combine live video action, green screened live characters, and animation, to tell the story. They are a great new, cost-effective way to help our clients reach their goals in communication.