Multivision Helps SkyRise Miami Become Reality

Ever since our client, Jeff Berkowitz, approached us about getting involved with his idea to build Miami’s version of the Eiffel Tower, we have been tremendously excited about the project. Jeff is an amazing visionary with big ideas and a proven ability to get things done.

Berkowitz-Dev-photo-with-craneNot too many things offer a bigger idea than that of the 1,000-foot SkyRise Miami tower, being built in the center of downtown at Miami’s Bayside Marketplace.

Jeff’s idea inspired us, and the opportunity to help make this project a reality with our unique brand of video production service was even more exciting.

We have created the video that explained the project, and it has had more then 75,000 views to date, between YouTube and Vimeo.

SkyRise-Miami-renderingMultivision produced it in English, Spanish and Mandarin, showcasing other tourist towers around the world: in Shanghai, Paris, Seattle and Toronto. It’s amazing to see huge numbers of tourists ascending these towers for a birds-eye view of a city.

We created a 3D simulation of the tower with some amazing helicopter HD aerials we shot with a Cineflex camera rig.

For the English version we brought in the voice of The History channel’s Modern Marvels, narrator Max Raphael, as we figured this is sure to be among the marvels that broadcast show will want to showcase.

Berkowitz-Dev-photoIt will be the highest building on the east coast, south of New York City, with an observation deck, a motion 3D theater, a bungee jump attraction (Sky Drop), and a thrill ride high above the city (Sky Plunge). It will also boast a world class nightclub, a Michelin restaurant, and ballroom and meeting space.

It will really be an icon for the city, and the centerpiece for our exciting new downtown. We are honored to be part of its development, helping Jeff and his team.

Now that the citizens of Miami have overwhelmingly voted to let the project proceed, it’s “up, up and away”!