Online Videos

The Importance of Online Videos

Online videos have continued to rise in popularity. According to Cisco, online video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. People like visuals. People seek online videos not just for entertainment, but also for information and instruction. Videos are also shareable. Entertaining brand videos can be shared on social media, and increase word of mouth marketing. When someone shares your video on social media, it exposes your business to a wider range of potential clients.

As an example, Dove created a series of videos in an online campaign that went viral. Their Dove Real Beauty Sketches video alone has 66 million views. Dove was able to appeal to their consumer base with a message that was relevant to their audience on a personal level. They were able to solidify brand loyalty, all with a well executed video. With these videos they were able to reach a massive audience and build up their brand.

What does all of this mean for businesses?

This means that businesses have a big opportunity to get their message across to a wide audience. YouTube alone generates more than one billion unique hits per day according to their website. That’s a billion potential views for your business daily. And if produced in a way that tailors to your specific audience’s needs, it’s a good way to pitch your services to potential clients who you might not have otherwise been able to reach. Consider it like an online elevator pitch.

Most importantly, however, it also means that investing in producing quality online videos can only help your business increase sales and establish a strong online presence for your brand. In terms of content marketing, a well produced, engaging video on your landing page  can actually increase conversions on your site by 86%. Ultimately, online videos leads to greater sales and profit for your business.