Selling Product with Demos and Informercials

When our client, B&D Group, came to us about bringing to market a totally new consumer product informercials ,we said “bring it on.” We had helped introduce new and innovative consumer products before for sale on Home Shopping Network, as well as retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond.

FullSizeRender1The Chill-o-Matic is an amazing device that will cool a canned beverage in less than a minute. As in all infomercial-type products, we knew that “seeing was believing,” and the script was created to showcase the unit being used in numerous situations. We cast several actors to play the consumers and locations were selected.

FullSizeRender3Our production crew shot several scenes to show the product being used while camping, at the beach, tailgating, and at home in the kitchen.

What resulted was a short form infomercial that is really helping the client get the novel product to market fast, and on many types of media.

IMG_6524It will even include a unique point-of-sale video showing how the product can be used.

Soon we will see the Chill–O-Matic on the airwaves, and as part of an online and retail sales campaign by the client. Infomercials are a key for our video production services.